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Microdose capsules

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Microdose capsules – Psychedelic pills.

Microdose capsules
Microdose shroom capsules are a convenient way. And straightforward way to enjoy the fantastic effects of magic mushrooms. Its liquid form gives it faster action that will get a good day going. You can take it like you do liquid vitamins or medicine. Microdosing has never been so easy.

What does it mean to take microdose of mushrooms?

Microdose capsule
Microdosing involves taking a very small dose of some popular hallucinogenic substances. Proponents of microdosing believe that the practice benefits the mind. And research has recently started to explore this possibility. We stock a wide collection of only the best psychedelic mushrooms.

Is it safe to use microdose every day?

True to healthy living, Microdose is a product you can use any given day. In the magic of the mushroom and are your trusted source in providing the utmost quality. And care of farm grown mushrooms. Let us bring a bit of magic into your life.

How can I order microdose capsules from UK?

We use UK Post Shipping services to deliver your mushroom microdose capsule size order and with discretion. For more details on how to order Microdose online from our store.

How to Make Mushroom Microdosing Capsules

Today I’m going to tell you exactly how to make Paul Stamet’s mushroom microdosing capsules.

Paul is a world renown mycologist, author, and all around badass. You can checkout his website Fungi Perfecti.

A lot of people are interested in microdosing mushrooms for anxiety or depression. Lord knows we all feel a little of each these days.

Paul Stamets with a giant mushroom!


Microdosing means taking a very small amount of a drug used to enjoy its physiological action. while minimizing undesirable side effects. The undesirable side effects of taking psilocybin mushrooms might entail nausea, “bad trips”. Distortion of time and space, confronting your inner demons. finding peace with the world, and/or uncontrollable laughter.

Paul Stamets’ Neurogenesis Patent

Paul’s patent is called “compositions and methods for enhancing neurogensis. and cognition by combining mushroom extracts containing active ingredients psilocin. Or psilocybin with erinacines or hericenones enhanced with niacin.”

Kind of a mouthful but we like to keep things simple here at Happy Little Fungi, so we’re going to make it easy for you.

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The 2.5 gram rule

There are several formulas but we will focus on his 7th formula. which includes using psilocybin containing mushroom, lions mane mushrooms, and niacin.

Specifically this blog and video will explain how to make 24 micro dosing capsules using the “2.5 grams rule. This means you use 2.5 grams psilocybin containing mushrooms, 2.5 grams lion’s mane mushroom powder, and 2.5 grams niacin.

The 2.5 gram rule will make 24 perfectly filled size 1 capsules.

Paul Stamets’ patent says that niacin helps prevent any of the undesirable side-effects from taking place. Microdosing already has such a small amount of active compounds and the niacin brings down the chances of side-effects even lower.

Some people like the flush feeling of niacin. Others do not. This recipe doesn’t have a particular stance. So do what feels right to you. Paul’s patent says to use regular niacin. So if you want to follow those guidelines, it’s up to you.

Material and Instructions

This process takes about 20 minutes if you have to grind up your mushrooms. Most of the time will weighing and encapsulating. You wont need any experience to do this. Just get the necessary material and equipment, follow these instructions and you should be good!

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You’ll need:

Dried mushroom bodies (2.5 grams)

Lions mane mushroom powder (2.5 grams)

Flush-free Niacin (2.5 grams)

Size 1 capsule machine bundle (includes size 1 capsules)

Size 1 capsules

Digital scale

A spoon

Ceramic container


Grind dried mushrooms into a powder

Mix dried mushroom powder with lion’s mane mushroom powder and the niacin.

Place powder mixture in the capsule machine and follow the directions for filling and encapsulating supplements.

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