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What are psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms)?   psilocybin uk mushrooms are naturally occurring mushrooms which contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin. More than 180 psilocybin-containing mushrooms species are found all over the world and can induce hallucinogenic/psychedelic effects when consumed. Psilocybin is converted by the body to psilocin, and this is the actual compound which produces

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Buy Magic Mushroom Spores From the UK A single mushroom spores uk can produce hundreds of thousands of spores. These are like microscopic plant seeds. They contain all the necessary genetic material to form a new fungus and are essential for its life cycle.   Different species of mushrooms all look unique, and so do their

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Liberty cap mushroom (Psilocybe semilanceata) identification We recommend using both the video and the notes below. You are welcome to reproduce and distribute this information but you like. except if you’re seeking profit, but please cite and link to us.  Click here to Buy Liberty Caps Online in the uk Remember, in many jurisdictions psilocybin-containing

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It’s magic mushroom uk season in the northern hemisphere. And that means that the green and pleasant fields and forests of the UK are littered with fungi – some of it of the psychedelic variety.    But, it’s not wise to start picking and eating wild mushrooms if you’re not exactly sure what they are.

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Are you curious about psilocybin? The main psychoactive compound in so called ‘magic’ mushrooms moved into the mainstream this year. thanks to its massive potential in mental health treatment.    Many recent high-profile studies suggest psilocybin may have powerful antidepressant properties. especially when combined with therapy.  Click here to buy magic mushrooms uk Interest is

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