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Amazonian Mushrooms


The mushroom is remarkable since it is an abundant producer that uses up enormous yields.
The explanation to this is because of its hefty mycelium layer. That immediately expands within the ground. 
The output is a very immediate production that amazes most mushroom growers. While it grows, the stout white stems bear a brownish cap at the peak. Shortly, the brownish peak simulates a nipple-like formation.
It is during this period that the mushrooms are approaching their ripest period. While the caps start to crack, the harvest takes place. It is at this period that the Amazonian mushrooms achieve their most potent period.
We need Cold-shocking. otherwise, the mycelium will enclose the wrapping and this turns the watering inconceivable. This happening also triggers mushrooms to only develop on the sidings of the tray. The mycelium is very rhizomorphic. If the spawn is not immediately refrigerated or used. it becomes dense and sturdy and inconceivable to segregate into separate kernels.

What are Amazonian Mushrooms?


Amazonian mushrooms are a kind of mushroom that creates both psychedelic & hallucinogenic visuals.
seen in the Amazon, this mushroom is discovere in rich soils and horse manure. 
Because of the humidity that is available in the Amazon. This mushroom needs a great level of humidity. To imitate its initial environment to start flourishing.

Amazonian mushroom review

The mushroom is remarkable since it is an abundant producer that uses up enormous yields.
The explanation to this is because of its hefty mycelium layer. That immediately expands within the ground. 
The output is a very immediate production that amazes most mushroom growers. While it grows, the stout white stems bear a brownish cap at the peak. Shortly, the brownish peak simulates a nipple-like formation.
It is during this period that the mushrooms are approaching their ripest period. While the caps start to crack, the harvest takes place. It is at this period that the Amazonian mushrooms achieve their most potent period.
We need Cold-shocking. otherwise, the mycelium will enclose the wrapping and this turns the watering inconceivable. This happening also triggers mushrooms to only develop on the sidings of the tray. The mycelium is very rhizomorphic. If the spawn is not immediately refrigerated or used. it becomes dense and sturdy and inconceivable to segregate into separate kernels.

What are the Visual Features of Amazonian Mushrooms?

Amazonian bears very fleshy and chunky mushrooms. These variants were well-domesticated for more than 40 years already. They are captivating, high yielding, and strong, in the wild.  Although they are not the simplest strain to cultivate. They may if handled , bear some nice flushes. The volume of mushroom may not be hefty, the size will more than offset for this. The fruit-bodies are very firm and carry a vast stem. From beginning to end, this one actualizes things with swiftness.  Based on the natural environment, these mushrooms have a very uniform pin-set. with minimal abort rate.

The appearance of Amazonian mushroom

hawaiian amazonian mushrooms
After harvesting the mushroom, growers are smack by the steep charm of every mushroom.
Dense and huge white stems that may become blue if squeezed. The huge golden-brown caps which are like domes from the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia. are another fascinating trait.
Besides, the moment these mushrooms get dried, their sizes are reduce . This happening is being explained since 90% of water comprises the wet mushrooms. Although it is possible to consume these mushrooms while wet. It is more typical to get them dry because of transportation.

The Potency of Amazonian Mushrooms

This shroom are very potent. since they have an high quantity of psilocin and psilocybin. These are two psychoactive compounds that cause hallucinations after eating the mushrooms. It is necessary to point out that the blue shades in the stems are an immediate interaction. with the general potency of the shroom involved. Hence, if the mushroom has blue coloring – then you know that you are in for a savage ride.

Entheogenic and Psychoactive Use of Amazonians shrooms

Amazonians are likely the most known mushrooms to contain psilocybin. which are use to prompt psychedelic sensations after consumption. Its major components are psilocin and psilocybin. The intensities of psilocybin and psilocin. As identified by high-depiction liquid chromatography. Range from 0.14 to 0.42 percent and 0.37 and 1.30 percent in the whole shroom (dry weight)0.09 to 0.30 percent. And 0.05 to 1.27 percent in the stem, and 0.17 to 0.78 percent and 0.44 to 1.35 percent in the cap. 

Psychological predisposition of Amazonian Mushrooms ( prudent psychoactive effect )

amazonian shrooms
Psychological predisposition and distinctive brain chemistry portray. An important part in identifying the right doses.
For a prudent psychoactive effect. At least one gram of dried Amazonian is consume. 0.25 to 1 gram is enough to create a gentle effect. 1 to 2.5 grams are enough to offer an average effect, and 2.5 grams and above create powerful effects.  For many individuals, 3.5 dried grams is good-out as a high dose and can create an intensive encounter. This is, , thought-out as a regular dosage among recreational consumers. For many people, a dose of more than 3 grams can be overpowering. For several unique people, dosages as low as 0.25 grams can create all-out effects. correlated with extreme dosages. But, for a lot of people too, that level of dosage could lead to no effects. Because of the elements such as the method of storage and age, the content of psilocybin may differ. 

How long will the effect of dried Amazonian Mushrooms beging?

Effects will begin after around 20 to 60 minutes. Depending on the consumption method & contents of the stomach, and may stay for 4 to 10 hours, relying on the doses. Visual alterations can happen, including an eloquent enhancement of shades walls. that appear to breathe, and the elation of organic structures.

Impact of over dosage of Amazonian shrooms

amazonian mushrooms
The impacts of high dosages may be high.It can also beoverpowering. based on the specific phenotype of cubensis cultivating procedure and the distinctive.
People consuming these mushrooms should be cautious. since psilocin and psilocybin are metabolize by monoamine oxidase.
The determent of monoamine oxidase diminishes the ability. of the body to metabolize psilocybin & psilocin. boosting the vigor of the experience. This may at times prompt or inconvenient profound experiences.
It is not advised to eat them as they can be poisonous.

What are the effects of Amazonian Mushrooms?

( amazonian mushrooms side effects)

Because of its high quantity in psilocin and psilocybin. the Amazonian Mushrooms create dominating effects.
Bear in mind that psilocin & psilocybin immediately impact the levels of the serotonin. which is the reason why a lot of users assert a heightened mood. Moreover, the thalamus – the sensory part of the brain, is immediately affected. While the sensory organs are transmitting information going to the thalamus. The psilocin creates hallucinations.  The primary sensation experienced by many psychonauts. when they consume Amazonians is the delirious psychedelic feeling that they pass on. These journeys can have radical effects on the subconscious of the user.
They may feel a few effects such as tranquillity, time dilation, and unanimity with nature.
Much the same with the original humans that used these fungi many years ago. current users may encounter boosted spiritual sensations.  Consuming an average dose of Amazonian shrooms create a psychoactive encounter. Consuming a huge dosage, which is likely anything beyond 2.5 grams. will create compelling hallucinations. These mushrooms are the perfect selection for small gatherings and bigger celebrations. which makes it an all-around selection. These psychoactive encounters can create a useful impact on the mind.

Positive effects of Amazonian Mushrooms

Nowadays, a lot of psilocybin advocates assert that Amazonians can help. with the alleviation of some issues. Some of the concerns that can managed by this mushroom are stress. And anxiety-related illness such as PTSD. some researches also imply that Amazonians can help in the treatment of depression.
Taking Amazonians will make you sense the following:
  • Contemplative
  • Very giggly
  • Energized
  • Constant smiling
  • In amazement of the things and people surrounding you
  • Excited
  • Euphoric
  • Spiritual
How you perceive your sensations is influence by the dosage. your mood, environment, your company, and how at ease you are to be with them.

How to Enjoy Amazonian Mushrooms

Amazonian Mushrooms are generally an accessible strain for new psychonauts. besides, it is necessary to make sure that you consume the appropriate doses. Neophytes who like to get an easy-to-control trip should only consume one gram or even less.  The best approach to have a delightful encounter with the Amazonian Mushrooms. is to consume a low dosage at the beginning and to make sure that you are in a convenient setting. By securing these things. – you will always get the best possible encounter with these mushrooms.  Staying in a safe venue is very important when using Amazonians. While pampering in these mushrooms. you should make sure that you have someone nearby who can look after you.  Neophytes should always consume a low dose, 0.5 grams to 1 gram, for their initial encounter. But, if a starter prefers a more compelling dosage. Then he may consume more doses after 2 hours from the first intake.  It is important to always put in mind that the impacts are momentary. And will last around 3 to 12 hours, based on the consumed dosage.

How to Grow Amazonian Mushrooms?


amazonian mushrooms spores

Regardless of what type of strain you are using. the Amazonian Mushrooms can flourish if cultivated . With enough research and suitable preparation. one can grow these mushrooms after two months.
To grow these mushrooms, you can use a mushroom growing kit. or collect your equipment from scratch.
In the sincerest insight, to cultivate mushrooms. you should secure a mycelium substrate. as well as a friendly setting for the mycelium to flourish. The cubensis mycelium is the elemental fungus. that prospers into the edible cubensis shrooms. Since growing kits comprise a grow box and mycelium it can help an easier process of cultivation. – they already comprise everything you need, and you can thrive with no spores. Still, if employing growing kits, there is probable danger of poisoning. insufficient constancy, and fake items. Another method to grow the mushroom
s is through the PF Tek method.


The PF and Tek growth method of Amazonian shroom

It needs more qualifications to form the materials yet is still a classic. credible method to cultivate Amazonian Mushrooms at home. By employing the PF Tek, you will thrive the mycelium. By instilling cubensis spores into containers that have a substrate.
This substrate will act as a fertile ground for the development of the spores. and composed of vermiculite and brown rice flour. After one month, the spores will develop into mycelium and settle the substrate. After shooting up, the mushrooms ar
e set for harvest in around 1 to 2 weeks.
It is recommend to get a dehydrator to ease the drying of the mushrooms. Although a cheaper option is to use a desiccant such as silica gel. Although some mushroom strains cannot prosper in home-grown environments. without thorough criteria to redesign their natural settings. cubensis can prosper well in subprime environments. that are so typical with new growing compositions. Moreover, they are tough against the shifting conditions. while many strains can be injure by a minimal inconstancy in the surroundings.


The substrate in the Wild

Various substrates offer various outputs for the Amazonians in the wild. The mushrooms look unique on every substrate which they look alike on. Not only in dimension, the shade and the l look of the cap also differ. It is a fascinating strain, to point out the least. and is an important addition to the collection of any sincere spore collector.
  • Dinner-plate ranged caps are conceivable
  • When harmed, Amazonian Mushrooms blemish a sharp cerulean blue
  • An ideal strain for neophytes since it is poisoning-resistant in the spore syringe
  • Deep spore printer
  • Shifting forms on various substrates

The Legality of Amazonia Mushrooms

Psilocin and psilocybin classified as Schedule I drugs. in the UN 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. Besides, mushrooms that have these compounds are legal in some places. For instance, they permitted in Brazil. But, derivations from mushrooms that contain psilocin and psilocybin remain non-legal. Always check the legality of your mushroom before you decide to try it. You should be familiar with the laws of your state.

Benefits of Amazonian Mushrooms

Here’s a look at 8 Benefits of amazonian shrooms

1.   Amazonian Shrooms Soothes Anxiety;

If you’re the kind of person who suffers from bouts of anxiety, there’s some good news for you. Psilocybin mushrooms can help reduce your anxiety levels. A study conducted by a team of scientists at John Hopkins. showed that moderate doses of shrooms in conjunction with psychotherapy. helped ill patients overcome anxiety. and depression caused by their diagnosis. After a 6 hour treatment 80% of the participants showed reduced anxiety & depression. results that were still evident 6 months down the line. 83% of those treated reported they were more satisfied with their quality of life. while two-thirds admitted their psilocybin. This session was one of the five most important experiences in their lives.

2.   Amazonian Mushrooms Lowers Depression

You may or may not know this, but Canadians are rank as one of the highest users of antidepressants in the world. OECD, which released this statistic says that as much as 9% of UK & Canada’s population is on one medication. or other for fighting depression. Luckily a lot of research done on psilocybin therapy in relation to depression. In fact, psilocybin therapy gave “breakthrough therapy” status. by the FDA for the treatment of depression meaning its approval for such use is now being fast tracked.
2017 Research
Among the more promising outcomes of research is a 2017 study by the Imperial College London. which found that psilocybin “may reset the activity of key brain circuits. known to play a role in depression.” A different study also showed that psilocybin combined with psychological support. can revive one’s emotional responsiveness. It suggested that the chemical works without blunting patients. As is the case with conventional antidepressants. 3.   Amazonian shrooms Alleviates OCD Symptoms
You’re familiar with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). A condition that’s associated with unreasonable thoughts. And fears that result in compulsive behaviors like washing your hands for fear of germs. Or the need to arrange things in a specific way. Patients suffering from bipolar disorders are usually the most affected. Studies by the University of Arizona prove Amazonian treats the symptoms of this disorder. According to Dr. Francisco Moreno and Dr. Brian Bayze who work at the university. psilocybin works together with various serotonin receptors in the brain. including those which control certain brain regions of individuals with OCD. By treating them with many doses of shrooms. the binding activity of serotonin receptors changes thereby reducing such symptoms.

4.   Amazonian shrooms Can Treat Addiction

Whether you’re addicted to smoking, alcohol, or cocaine. psilocybin mushrooms could provide the answer to breaking these habits. One pilot study conducted by John Hopkins University researchers. revealed that psilocybin therapy enabled participants to abstain from smoking. for a period of 12 months during which follow-up took place. Matthew Johnson, an associate professor of psychiatry. who led the study believes shrooms can treat other substance abuse disorders. like alcohol and cocaine addiction. According to him, these disorders are cause by “a narrowed mental & behavioral repertoire”. Such people can be shake out of their routines. using well-coordinated psilocybin therapy sessions.

5. Amazonian Mushrooms shrooms Stimulates Growth of New Brain Cells

Psilocybin can help the brain establish new connections across its different regions. but, get this, it can also help the growth of neorons in the brain. Research done by the University of South Florida . showed that psilocybin enabled lab rats to overcome their fear. By promoting the growth of new neurons in their brains. A phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. To put it , psilocybin repairs and grows brain cells. By binding itself to receptors in the nerve cells that stimulate healing. Dr. Briony Catlow, the study leader. hopes the findings can extend to humans in clinical trials.

6.   Psychedelic Mushrooms boost your creativity

It’s no secret that magic mushrooms improve your mood. At higher doses shrooms can send you into a euphoric state. but they can also promote a sense of creativity. And insightfulness even at lower doses better known as microdoses. A 2018 study published in the journal Psychopharmacology corroborates this. It found that participants who microdosed on psychedellic mushrooms. came up with more ideas on how to solve a task. The researchers found that they “were more fluent, flexible. and original in the possibilities they came up with”.

7.   Amazonian Mushrooms Can Change Your Personality

Although brain function generally returns to normal after psilocybin psychotherapy session. research has shown that some effects can last longer. One such study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. found that psilocybin can result in long-term changes in behaviors, attitudes and values. While studying its effect on five broad domains of personality. – neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. it demonstrated that there were “significant increases in openness. following a high-dose psilocybin session.” Openness refers to an individual’s attitude towards new experiences. And goes hand in hand with characteristics like imagination, creativity and aesthetic appreciation. Researchers reported that openness not only increased during the psilocybin sessions with participants. but almost 60% of the participants maintained a higher level of openness more than one later. Those who went through this personality change are only the ones. who had a complete mystical experience during their high-dose session. The study went on to explain that the high dose should be administere. under supportive conditions.

8. Amazonian Shrooms Can Treat Alzheimer’s

Following the findings by scientists that psilocybin promotes neuroplasticity in the brain psychiatrists. like Prof. Roland Griffiths from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He think there’s an opportunity to study the effects of psychedelics in people. with early Alzheimer’s disease. Speaking to Forbes, he said, “To the extent that these drugs produce neuroplasticity. there may be some enduring effects on cognitive process,” . Although that’s in the future. he’s happy  that for now they know they can treat depression. that comes with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis using magic mushroom drugs. Conclusion Amazonian Mushrooms are another interesting type of mushroom that is worth trying. Familiarizing yourself with its characteristics and capabilities. you will learn how these mushrooms become a great addition to your collection. These mushrooms exhibit impressive facts about its potency, effects, visual looks, and characteristics. Again, it is important to always follow the proper dosage. To ensure that you achieve the tolerable effects. You should always remember to be responsible for your consumption of mushrooms.

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