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weed strains uk 2022/2023

Growing the most common weed strains uk takes time and dedication, simply because the unpredictable weather can wreak havoc with certain strains. The best weed strains uk are those that are easy to grow and resilient too.

Whilst some of these weed strains have been classics for many years with influence coming from Europe, there are some popular strains that have come from the US with innovative hybrids making waves in the industry.

Here we take a look at the best weed strains you’ll find in the UK today.



Abusive OG Kush


The Stardawg flower is the most common weed strains uk that offers an earthy taste. There are sour notes within the bud, most commonly coming through is diesel, sesame and pistachio.

This is a great option for use in the night, as feedback suggests it helps to relax you quickly.



With citrus notes and a real sweetness about it, Super Lemon Haze is a great choice for those who’d like to avoid more eathy tastes. This weed strains uk has been around for years and is a popular product for good reason. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for something a little different from their weed strain.

gelato weed strain 

gelato weed strain

A hybrid strain is the strongest weed strains uk that  comes from California, and it’s become a staple strain in the UK because it’s easy to grow, quick to grow and is adaptable for different environments.

Gelato can have a smooth and creamy taste that often is compared to ice cream, hence the name.

The crystal-like leaves of the Gelato strain offer a sustained high when you use it. This is the most common weed strains uk.

biscotti weed strain 

The Biscotti weed strains uk is widely popular thanks to its notes of biscuit and walnut. The sweet and earthy strain typically is made with high levels of CBD and lower levels of THC, helping to deliver a relaxing effect that is said to help with minimising chronic pain as well as helping with insomnia too.white widow strain 

White Widow is the strongest weed strains uk that has been around for years and is still a highly popular option. It’s incredibly popular as it’s easily grown. White Widow was created from a cross of a Brazilian Sativa Landrace and a South Indian Indica strain. Since the 90s it’s become a popular choice for both day and nighttime enjoyment.

White Widow is so named, as at the end of the flowering time, it develops a coating of white trichome crystals which give a beautiful effect.

northern lights strain

Northern Lights is another strain that has been around for a while and is still much loved. Again, it’s quick and easy to grow, with the ability to grow it in both indoor and outdoor environments. It’s a strain you’ll need to watch closely as it grows though, because it has been known to develop mould.Northern Lights is created from Afghanistan and Thai weed strains uk, so you can expect a fruity taste with spicy aromas coming through. The effects of this weed strain are calming making it a favourite amongst though looking to help ease stress and anxiety.


 girl scout cookies strain

Girl Scout Cookies originated in California and is so named after the cookies that are sold by Girl Scouts all over America.

It takes around 14 weeks to grow Girl Scout Cookies and the strain offers a fresh flavour.

The effects are what make this strain such a popular choice, with a long-lasting joyful high.


blue cheese strain


Blue Cheese is a well-round Indica and Sativa strain, making it a great option for both morning and evening use. This strain has a fruity taste and is easily grown inside with crops available in just eight weeks.


amnesia haze strain

Amnesia Haze is another one of the best weed strains in the UK. This weed strain gives off a lemony smell with an earthy taste that’s layered with sharp, tangy notes.

The effect of Amnesia Haze is an elated and energetic feeling, making it a great option for those looking to quell feelings of depression or anxiety.


Gorilla Glue is a weed strains uk that’s not designed for newcomers. It’s the most common weed strains uk that comes from America and has exported itself around the world.

This strain has a sour and earthy taste, with notes of chocolate and coffee peeking through.

Gorilla Glue has a happy and relaxing effect on the user, with people reporting it’s great for helping to alleviate pain and stress.

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